"Your wardrobe can increase your opportunities in all aspects on your life. Dress smart, sophisticated, and confidently with a little pizzazz...and watch the doors open for you!"- Hollywood stylist and author of Ultimate Guide To Style, Rayne Hagstrom.
“Your wardrobe can increase your opportunities in all aspects on your life. Dress smart, sophisticated, confidently, and with a little pizzazz…then watch the doors open for you!”- Hollywood stylist and author of Ultimate Guide To Style, Rayne Hagstrom.

With today’s rough and tough economy, it’s even more important to pay extra special attention to your appearance. I know this sounds crazy, but most of us spend a third of our lives at work. Uh, that is a lot of time friends. Many of us see our co-workers more than we see our own families. Why not spend that time dressed appropriately… increasing your chances for raises and promotions? Why not leave a fashionable footprint wherever you go? Pay attention to the following 5 mistakes people make in business and avoid them at all costs when possible.

  1. Out of Date Hair: If your hair is stringy or grungy, you are at risk for giving off a bad first impression. Ladies, beware of hair that is too long…especially if you are over 40. Try a layered cut and style. Men, stay away from a comb-over and greasy hair. If you are balding, I recommend a close shave…let it go! See your local hair stylist for your best options and cut according to your age and face shape.

  2. Head-to-toe Black: Wearing all black can come off cold and generic. Make a lasting impression with other deep colors that look great on you. Ladies, a beautiful skirt suit with a fabulous colored blouse is an excellent choice. A great bag, colorful scarf, heels, or for men, a tie, or pocket square is a great way to add some pizzazz to a neutral or black suit.

  3. A Too Casual Outfit: Even if you are interviewing for a place where the atmosphere is casual, always dress to impress. If you’re an employee who does a great job, at some point, you will desire a promotion. You may not put much thought into your wardrobe; after all, you think, they already love you. Avoid falling into this clothing rut, or you may miss out on greater opportunities, because you’re not considering your wardrobe to be a success factor. Take the extra time to show people you are to be taken seriously by dressing smart and polished.

  4. Out-of-date Wardrobe: In my opinion, if your clothes are outdated, then your skills and whatever services you are offering may also appear to be outdated. You may want to hire an image consultant to make you look your absolute best. You can also buy the latest fashion magazine, google “fashion for (whatever your age range and gender is)”, and take a trip to your local department store to see what’s in fashion. Men, throw out those pleats and turtlenecks. Ladies, toss the suits with shoulder pads and prairie skirts.

  5. Too Much Cologne or Perfume: If someone asks you what perfume you are wearing and they are more than 5 feet away from you, then you are probably wearing too much. For the record, I have made this mistake more than once. One time I was at a client’s house and I had to go wash off my “Angel” because they were allergic to it and couldn’t stop sneezing…OOPS! Don’t let this happen to you. Spray the fragrance into the air then step into and let it fall onto your skin, rather than spraying it directly on your skin and clothes a million times. This will help keep the scent light and subtle.

Here is a fun little fact:  In the work force, your hair and face are the first things that employers and clients notice.  Few people will want to do business with someone who looks cold, sloppy, unkempt, or smells like a perfume factory . The bottom line, it’s just not professional. Don’t let your appearance cost you the job, deal, or promotion. This applies to you too, entrepreneurs!

Rayne Hagstrom

Rayne Hagstrom

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5 comments on “The 5 Most Common Fashion Mistakes Made In Business”

  1. Hey Rayne,

    I’m curious about #2. All black can be elegant if put together right and might be appropriate in a creative field (maybe like Regis Philbin here: http://www.metroactive.com/papers/metro/04.12.01/slices-0115.html). I’m guessing the article is aimed at those in a more traditional, corporate environment, though, where all black wouldn’t be appropriate.

    What are your thoughts on a tone-on-tone or “monochrome look” for men (shirt and tie same or similar color – examples in this GQ article: http://www.gq.com.au/style/editors+pick/16+best+shirts+and+ties,11457)?

    • Hey Jafe! I just saw this. All black, like Regis in the picture, would look so much cooler if he wore the same outfit in all navy/dark blue hues. However, when you are star like Regis you already have gained people’s trust and can get away with almost anything. The article is more for everyday job applications and meetings. I like to monochromatic look but I think it should be different shades…purple, violet, indigo. The combination of the right is FAB. I’m not a fan of black on black. I have been enjoying you FB posts. Talk to ya soon!

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