One of the things I believe in is having a healthy mind, body, and style. If an element is missing it can increase your anxiety throughout the day. For me, my Instagram was causing me a lot of stress. After doing research, I realized I wasn’t the only one. According to many google searches and studies social media can be used for good as well as cause feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness and fear of missing out. Keep reading to find out if a break will do you some good. 

Before I go over the signs I wanted to give you a little backstory. Last year I took Hilary Rushford’s Instagram with Intention class(because my IG didn’t reflect my stylish skills). However, I became addicted to my new skill set of “Instagramming with Intention”. Like the studies suggested, I was experiencing social media overload with all the feelings mentioned above. I decided to take a 30-day social media break. At first, it wasn’t easy but I did it! 

If you have any of these signs it may be time to rethink your social media views:

  1. It’s the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing you think about before bedtime. In addition, you check your account many MANY times per day. 
  2. You think in #hashtags. 
  3. When you arrive at a destination, you take multiple photos of where you are to make sure you get a great one you can post…at any costs. 
  4. You feel the need to post every day. If you don’t, you feel like you’re missing out, not being productive and everyone else is “working/having fun/doing cool stuff” and you’re not. 
  5. Social media is considered to be your extra-curricular activity over your previous hobbies. You may have family members ask you “on the phone again?”. 
  6. You’re late to work, parties, work out less or procrastinate your to-do lists because you’re posting, liking and commenting. 
  7. If you don’t get a certain number of likes on a post…you feel like a loser. Then go like other people’s photos till you hit your number to feel better about yourself. This is the worst! We are more than our social media. 

If you have any of these symptoms please consider taking a break too! We will all be here when you come back. During my 30 day detox, I felt entirely free. I didn’t have to worry about getting stylish photos, looking perfect and or what everyone else was up to. I focused on those around me, God and doing other things I have enjoyed doing. 

When I came back I was nervous I would slip back into my anxious routine. It takes about 21-30 days to break a habit and I think I’ve broken it. I post less and don’t feel bad about it. My loved ones are grateful I don’t bombard them, as much ;), to take photos for social media. In addition, I feel better all around! Please note, everyone is different. Some can healthily use social media and many need help. If this is you, take a break! 

For more information and discussion about my social media break check out my interview on Dr. Jane Greer’s Shrink Wrap radio show. 

PS. Be sure to remove temptations. Remove your apps from your phone and clear your history on your computer. Out of sight out of mind. For the first few days, you may find yourself filling the void with online shopping or checking gossip sites like TMZ. This is normal. Your phone has to be only used for necessary reasons. Don’t use it as a time filler. If you’re bored take a walk, read a book or get to those projects you’ll be procrastinating on. 

Let me know what you’ve accomplished and how you feel. My dear friend said she felt amazing and cleaned-out a back room that was a disaster for the past 7 years. We both also hung pictures we had on our floors for years too! What will do on your break? I want to know. 

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