Lisbeth J.

Closet Audit, Personal Shopping and Outfit Styling

After doing a lot of research on personal stylists and looking at many of their portfolio's I chose Rayne. I couldn't be happier with my choice. Rayne is first and foremost honest and direct. She has a very big heart and guides you with love, kindness and encouragement. My closet was full of clothes I never wore and colors that really didn't suit me. I always felt I had nothing to wear and could take 1/2 hour to get dressed. First thing we did was a color analysis of my skin and eye color. Next measuring to see which body shape category I belong to. Turned out my colors are muted summer and my body shape is an apple. Let's just say I wasn't pleased. I'm a little(a lot) resistant to change. I thought the colors were boring and I did not think of me as an apple to be in any way flattering.
Anyhow we cleaned out my closet. Lots of clothes to donate, lots of clothes to send for alteration( that saves you money).
Then it was time for our shopping spree. When I arrived at the store Rayne had already picked out a lot of outfits for me and it was ready in a beautiful dressing room. I started seeing how the muted summer colors lifted up and enhanced my eye color and skin tone. Also how wearing shirts and blouses with a V-neck or complementing a top with a scarf would redirect the eye and visually change my body shape.
It's been a few months now and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being muted summer and I've made peace with being an apple. Where before I got lost in my clothes I now get so many compliments and everything is so classy, elegant and soft. Plus everything in my closet goes together so it's a breeze to get dressed.I highly recommend Rayne as your personal stylist. She has the patience and compassion to listen and she understands your concerns. So if you're going to spend your money why not spend it with the best! Thank you, Rayne, for bringing me to life and helping me present myself in the best way possible.

Terence Y.

Virtual and Outfit Styling

Rayne is simply amazing.  With just a few small changes with my colors and style, she has transformed my looks for the better!  I have gotten so many compliments on my new looks and I feel excited about upgrading even more.  I can't say enough kind words about her and highly recommend her services!

Cammie H.

Closet Audit, Personal Shopping and Outfit Styling

I'm thrilled with the experienced I had with Style By Rayne. She saved me so much time, money and aggravation!  She really delivered on the closet audit and liberated me of everything that was unflattering.

What I'm most excited about is the education I got on how to enhance my natural beauty. After going shopping with her as my personal stylist, I can now shop at any store in the world or online and know what works perfect for me, It's a liberating feeling to know what will enhance my beauty and what distracts from it. Thank you, Rayne!

Jamian B.

Headshot Styling

Rayne has high a sense of style. She's a great person and can help you with colors and ideas on clothes. She helped me a lot. She knows her stuff and is awesome. I look forward to working with her again.

Bernard P.

Virtual Styling

I have just recently started a new business and decided to get myself professionally branded.  Part of the branding experience was a styling session with Style By Rayne.  Words cannot express how helpful she was in this process.  Being a guy who does not invest much style and effort to fashion Rayne helped find the best look that a professional brand needs and deserves.  The Agency has a definite force multiplier with have Rayne on their team.

Jessika F.

Virtual Styling

Rayne took all the pressure off of me for this event.  I was fully focused on remembering my copy in the weeks upcoming my event.  Rayne was willing to do Skype meetings as needed to complete my look, when I wasn't in town.  She was just amazing.  I am so grateful to have her!!  She knew exactly what would be perfect for me.  She knew what I wanted before I could even say it! Such a pleasure to be Styled by Rayne!

Koyoki F.

Virtual Styling

Rayne was likable from the first time I met her. While I didn't get her services in person, she was just as personable over our Skype session discussing what I needed to wear for my photoshoot. She suggested some colors that complemented my skin tone and I had no idea that the colors in the clothing I was wearing was actually not making my body look any better. 
Rayne's sense of style isn't just about what looks good on her own body, but all other body types and the image you are trying to portray. She opened my eyes to the fact that styling yourself and carrying yourself is an important aspect in any sort of human interaction - both business and social. 
Thanks so much Rayne for giving me the right tools to embody a confident adventure girl taking on the world. If you're looking for a stylist, Rayne knows how to help even from afar with the help of technology (Skype)!

Colin M.

Headshot Styling

Rayne is the best! She helped pick out some great outfits from my closet for a headshot styling. She continues to go above and beyond by being available for her client even after the styling should you have questions. You can't go wrong with Style By Rayne!

Dennis T.

Virtual Styling

Rayne is so amazing! She is such a sweetheart and has such huge passion and drive for ensuring that we all dress for success! The real eye-opener for me was the color analysis and knowing what to wear and how! Needless to say, Rayne is an absolute blessing, and has changed my life entirely! So glad we met and collaborated! Now anywhere I go, I'm sharp! THANK YOU, RAYNE!

Nicole P.

Thanks Rayne! You rock! The photo shoot with Vanie Poyey went really well. My agents and manager loved them. I really appreciate the color palette too!

Judy L.

Closet Audit

Living in the suburbs of Long Island, NY, it's really hard to find a good stylist, and harder to find someone that gets my unique style. After countless online searches for Skype styling services, I found Rayne, and thank goodness i did! She was warm and welcoming in our initial email interactions and really took the time to understand me as a person and what I was looking for. Our Skype closet audit was a truly a great experience. I felt really comfortable with Rayne and confident that she understood me, which I usually tend to have a hard time with. Rayne helped me focus in on a look that would express my kind of offbeat, punk-rock-chick-has-now-grown-up style, and upgrade to a more sophisticated version of it, which was exactly what I was looking for. I would highly recommend Style By Rayne to anyone looking to revamp their style and gain self confidence in the process. Rayne truly shines in what she does!

Kevin M.

Outfit Styling Session

Excellent service.  Rayne takes the time to understand you and come up with a solution that fits your lifestyle, budget, etc.  A great, very custom service.

Danielle C.

Closet Audit, Personal Shopping & Outfit Styling Session

Rayne is awesome! Coming from someone who hates shopping, she turned my shopping trip with her into an unforgettable experience. So much fun and so many new things learned. She is energetic, fun and top-notch on her fashion and style. Wish I could shop with her all of the time!

Natalie B.

Closet Audit

I like to rotate my closet in the new seasons, but I was overwhelmed with where to even begin. Rayne systematically helped me chip away and rid my closet of things I haven't worn in years. She made sense of it all and now I have my classics, my staples, my must haves, and I am also now clutter free. She also showed me combos that were right in front of me that I never saw before. So its as if I have a whole new closet full of clothes with less mess!! And the energy that is able to flow about living in spacious harmony feels really good. I wouldn't have gotten these results without Rayne's help and patient follow through...Thanks!

Lauren W.

Outfit Styling Session

Rayne was awesome. Very sweet and knowledgeable, she was able to give frank instructions that helped me gain a better understanding of what looks best on me. Very excited to integrate her advice into my daily outfits, as well as dates.

Reba R.

Outfit Styling & Shopping Session

Rayne was awesome! She had some great tips and was incredibly helpful in introducing my closet to me in a new way.

Cristina B.

Outfit Styling Session & Closet Audit

Rayne was awesome at finding outfits from pieces of my closet I haven't worn in a long time!

Fara P.

Outfit Styling Session

"I loved working with Rayne!  She was positive, helpful and had great suggestions of how I could reuse pieces that I hadn't worn in a long time.  She gave great tips on accessorizing to make older outfits feel like new.  I also loved learning which colors were best for me.  I would recommend Rayne's styling services to anyone who is interested in looking & feeling good!

Pamela L.

Closet Audit , Outfit Styling & Shopping Session

She is so talented and I would recommend her to anyone!

Michelle W.

Outfit Styling Session

Rayne was so upbeat and helpful. I love our outfits we put together from my own closet!

Wendy M.

Outfit Styling Session

Rayne is so great!! She is lovely to work with- very kind, upbeat, and encouraging. She has great style and is good at recognizing your style and helping you express that. I would work with her again or recommend her highly to anyone. Really enjoyed the process because of her.

Laura G.

Closet Audit, Outfit Styling & Shopping Session

Great experience!  Starting with the color analysis, closet clean to SHOPPING! I learned a thing or two - first, I look good in gold (accessories) which I had none of. Second - I lacked basic, core items in which to build a wardrobe. I got in the funk of "whatever goes with black pants" clunky belts and little accessories.

I'm very casual in general but I wanted a more "put together" look. Definitely recommend!  Rayne is enthusiastic, never made me feel bad ( about the crap in my closet) and left me with a look book and a template to build a great wardrobe!

Megan L.

Closet Audit, Outfit Styling & Shopping Session

Working with Rayne was such a wonderful experience. I was in a rut of always wearing black to work. I also needed help with causal weekend clothes that made me feel my age. The clothes audit was incredibly helpful in eliminating so many clothes that I didn't wear or redundancies in my closet. She had me try on things that still worked in my closet so we could find things to go with them when we went shopping. After getting rid of 4 large bags of clothes, I felt like my soul had been cleansed. The shopping portion was also great. She had an entire dressing room filled with things for me to try on. She works with a personal shopper at Macy's who was also wonderful. The personal shopper went through each clothing item at the cash register to make sure I got best deal with the current promotions and the coupons I had. I walked away with so many great options for work and casual. In fact, I got 2 compliments on an outfit she put together from clothes I already owned. Rayne is so fun to work with. She is patient, pushes when she needs to (I needed it!), has a great eye for fashion and is so funny! I highly recommend her. I look forward to working with her again soon!

Cassie P.

Skype Closet Audit, Outfit Styling & Shopping Session

Hiring Rayne was one of the nicest things I ever did for myself.  She is so talented, smart and fun!  I love the new knowledge I have about selecting clothes for myself and I dragged a HUGE bag of old stuff out of my closet, good riddance!  Working with Rayne  gave me a much needed confidence boost as well as a much needed style update.

Jill A.

Closet Audit, Outfit Styling & Shopping Session

I received one of the packages as a birthday gift and it was a wonderful experience to say the least. The package started with a color analysis which was very eye opening! Rayne then helped me completely audit my closet. I was able to finally get rid of so many clothes that had just been taking up space! The second part of the package was shopping with Rayne. She has a great talent of knowing what works from the designer right downs to the color choices. I also had items in my closet that I really did not know how to wear and she really helped putting together different outfits. Loved the whole experience! Thank you!

Linda F.

Closet Audit, Outfit Styling & Shopping Session

Rayne says she has a 100% satisfaction rate and I see why. She knows her stuff and in the introductory session she reviewed my color palette, did a complete closet and drawers audit, including shoes and jewelry and checked how some of my clothes fit. She's very professional and Teaches you as she goes. So you feel like you are in a personalized class for you. I was worried I would feel ashamed by all my worn out, out-of-style, just plain wrong for me clothes. But Rayne 's approach was as if we were collaborating on making me able to learn this for myself. I realized I had gotten in a bad rut, and she's kindly pulling me out of it. And when she found something in my closet that was in my color range and body shape and size, we both felt joyful! Our plan is to get some core pieces at Macys and then hit the budget retailers for the rest- she will shop all price points. I can't wait!

Ricky S.

Outfit Styling Session

Rayne is a great stylist, and I would definitely recommend her to other men and women looking for good fashion input. I was a little nervous meeting her at first, but after she arrived at my house, her friendly demeanor and good sense of humor put me at ease. We met for almost 90 minutes, and we put together a bunch of good outfits for dates and casual wear. She knows her stuff and would be a great resource to anyone looking for some fashion support and guidance. Knowing that a stylist gives the thumbs up to some of my outfits will give me an added boost of confidence. Thanks, Rayne!

Andrea A.

Closet Audit & Outfit Styling Session

Rayne was such a pleasure when she came to my home. She made things so easy, comfortable, and fun. She really does have a knack for putting together interesting and fresh looks. She's been super-helpful from start to finish and I'm looking forward to working with you many times in the future!

Cindy F.

Outfit Styling Session

I love clothes but there are just some items I couldn't figure out how to wear. Rayne was so helpful and creative, and explained to me some ways to update and make my wardrobe more modern. She was fun, helpful, and patient.

Cynthia C.

Closet Audit & Outfit Styling Session

Rayne was extremely helpful. She helped me audit my wardrobe and put together new outfits utilizing those "problem" pieces. She helped me identify a hit list  of needed items and sent me links including a range. The color analysis was eye opening. First time I've been typed a "spring". I would recommend Rayne!

Harmony D.

I have also had the honor of having Rayne do personal styling for me! She is as beautiful of a person inside and out as she is talented! She has been my number one go-to person for all things fashion!

Last year, a guy I had a crush on asked me on a date.  I had been single for YEARS and had no idea what to wear on a first date! I reached out to Rayne for consulting.  She helped me put together an outfit I felt great in.  We had an incredible date that night and several more to follow! As a matter of fact, he "put a ring on it"!  We are getting married this March!  Now, Rayne is on speed dial for all things wedding!

Marie R.

Closet Audit, Personal Shopping & Outfit Styling Session

My shopping session with Rayne was awesome! I HIGHLY recommend Shopping with her if you need clothes coaching and help putting together outfits that look professional and modern. She has made shopping fun again. I contacted her to help me create professional outfits that weren't too stuffy and a conducting a full closet audit. Rayne help me understand what colors I should be look for, how to quickly and efficiently scan a store for what is right for me, and how to step outside my comfort zone when selecting new clothes. THANK YOU RAYNE!

Gina M.

Closet Audit & Personal Shopping

I chose to hire Rayne for some help with updating my wardrobe and branding my unique look and image. We went through my closet and then we went shopping. She clearly has a gift for this! She is  fun, spunky and a straight shooter. She will do everything she can to help you and will go  above and beyond to make sure you get what you want and need from her  while  staying within your chosen budget.

Ken S.

Closet Audit & Personal Shopping

Rayne is amazing.  I would recommend her anytime.  She "packaged" me and made it easy and fun. Shopping is not fun for me, but it is when I'm in Rayne's hands!

Azi A.

Outfit Styling

I am so glad that I was connected with Rayne to help style me with my existing closet. I did not realize how much value and variety I could find within my own closet and Rayne helped identify several outfits that I would not have put together myself, from head to toe, including shoes and accessories/ jewelry.  She is also super sweet and she truly cares about making her clients feel fabulous and look their best. I would highly recommend her to "shop your closet" and make new fabulous outfits for you.

Jill G.

Closet Audit & Outfit Styling

Rayne was great!  I am not the most stylish girl but I always felt like I had good pieces in my closet.  When she came to my house, she was extremely respectful.  She let me pick a couple of things in my closet that I loved and helped me build from there.  She truly embraced my style.  I also learned some valuable no-no's for my body shape.  Shopping with never be the same for me, in a good way. I know what to look for now and what to avoid.  Thank you Rayne!

Phyllis F.

Personal Shopping

Dear Rayne, Thank you so much for taking my mother on as a client. You took her from frumpy and fussy to casual and chic in just over four hours! She truly loves her new wardrobe and it shows in her new found confidence. Two things that amazed me were 1) that you got her into color, and 2) the cost-effectiveness of your service. The amount you charge is much less than a couple of fashion mistakes! I am so looking forward to seeing you soon, and hope that you will make my wardrobe look as good as Mom’s.

Danika S.

Outfit Styling

Rayne was amazing. She listened to what I wanted but told me what I needed to hear. She was hilariously and lovingly honest about what I should toss vs. keep...and gave me great ideas about how I could wear my clothes in new ways. Even though I tossed about half of what I had, I still ended up with more outfits than when I started!

Annie S.

Closet Audit & Personal Shopping

Rayne is amazing! She gave me a real education on how to dress and present myself. I've never liked shopping or had any real sense of style, but with Rayne's expertise, she made shopping so fun and really helped me find a style identity! She picked out pieces that I love and feel confident in. My self confidence is at an all time high because I feel sexy and stylish. It is the best feeling to be overwhelmed by all the choices in my closet! Truly a life changing experience. Thank you Rayne, you are the best!!

Judy C.

Closet Audit , Personal Shopping , Outfit Styling

I contacted Rayne because I HATED MY CLOSET. It was filled with things that I would "some day wear." But I never did. I had my fat clothes, thin clothes, and clothes that I never fit into. Rayne came over and took charge. She tossed out a lot of clothes, reorganized everything else, and took note of what I needed. Next, we met at Macy's where I had bottled water waiting for me along with 30 different outfits to try on. So easy! All I had to do was show up and try on. She stayed within my budget and I got a 20% discount on the clothes to top it off. She turned this wardrobe impaired girl into a fashion queen. And... along the way, she taught me my colors (I'm a spring) and why things looked good or bad. And... she is affordable. I'm a cranky girl and don't usually give people 5 stars, but Rayne is a delight to work with and so knowledgeable and helpful. Don't go shopping without her.

Eric S.

Closet Audit & Personal Shopping

I was looking to refresh & update my wardrobe now that I'm dating again after 10 years.  Rayne went ahead to a few large department stores and pulled a lot of clothes off the rack for me.  It definitely saved me a lot of time.  Plus, since I hate shopping, I might not have gone at all if not for Rayne.

Rayne is knowledgeable with a good sense of style, but also a lot of fun to hang out with.  She clearly has been doing this for awhile.

Patricia M.

Closet Audit & Outfit Styling

If you have a closet full of clothes that you don't know how to piece together, then you NEED Style by Rayne's STYLING ME with WARDROBE PAIRING. This service is amazing if you want to have a fresh look at your style. Rayne came in and organized, cleaned out and revamped my entire closet.  She really helped me to look at my wardrobe in a whole new light and now I know what styles, cuts and designers are right for my body-type.  The most important thing I took away is to buy quality or quantity!  And she was such a pleasure to work with. Thanks Rayne!  You're brilliant!!!

Sherri M.

Closet Audit

Rayne did a fabulous job helping me organize and de-clutter my closet. She has a great style sense and eye for what clothes really work for people. We refer her to our clients too. Her book is great!

Abha S.

Closet Audit , Personal Shopping , Outfit Styling & Photo Styling

Thanks so much for your suggestions, advice, and outfit picks!I had so many options for our shoot. Our engagement photos came out wonderful. Thanks again!

Ronda F.

Closet Audit & Outfit Styling

I just had an absolutely WONDERFUL time with Rayne! My closet looks spectacular and she gave me such awesome tips and suggestions. You should see the pile of clothes I’m getting rid of and the list of things I need/want to buy.

Charley F.

Closet Audit

My whole life I thought I was apple-shaped. Rayne opened my eyes to the fact that I was pear-shaped! I was following the wrong fashion tips! My closet is super easy to navigate now too. Getting dressed in the morning is a cinch. I now know what to wear, no matter what where I am going.

Judy Y.

Closet Audit & Personal Shopping

Thank you so much for helping me with this transformation!  I will now have a sophisticated and attractive look, at least outside of the classroom!  I am very happy that I can wear sexy dresses that I thought I could never wear. Thank you for giving me a lot of confidence, too!

Richard P.

Personal Shopping

I’ve received even more compliments lately! My brother, with whom has more fashion sense out of anyone I really know, loved the shoes, and also other clothes. The new options really do make me feel more confident about my image. Now, I know I can look sharp when I need to.

Matt P.

I work a lot of hours and I have very little time to myself. I’m not a person who likes spending time shopping and I needed a woman’s touch with picking out some new clothes. I couldn't be more satisfied with my decision! I met Rayne at Banana Republic where she had a dressing room full of clothes just waiting for me to try on. I walked away with several cool outfits and a confidence that comes along with being well dressed. I had a blast and I can’t wait to do it again!

Zoe G.

Closet Audit & Personal Shopping, Event Styling

Thank you, I wore one of my dresses to my costume council meeting yesterday and I fit right in and felt great! You are wonderful!

Jeffrey L.

Closet Audit & Personal Shopping

I love my new clothes. I got a compliment the very next day for the color of my new shirt you picked out for me!

Harmony J.

Closet Audit, Personal Shopping, Headshot Styling

Rayne and Nicole(co-author of Ultimate Guide to Style) are amazing. I love their style AND their personalities! They are efficient, lovely people. When I first met up with them I was so stressed, and they calmed me down and helped me to see myself through their eyes. (I look a lot better that way!) Then they came to my house and gently but firmly told me which items had to go. Then we shopped for replacements and now it’s a LOT easier to get dressed and feel confident. I’ve worked with them again and again and I always recommend them because they’re AWESOME!

Karla W.

Closet Audit , Personal Shopping , Outfit Styling & Photo Styling

Rayne is a style maven. I hit her up for a style makeover and was more than pleased with the results! She’s a caring, talented women who love to inspire and nurture you as she transforms you into a new and amazing version of yourself. They’re also a ton of fun to be around! The clothes she put me in and photos she took of me got me the most responses on my social media profiles. If you’re looking for true fashion empowerment then she is your go-to gal!

Alan J.

Closet Audit & Personal Shopping

As a single man, your look must command a certain kind of presence. I had a style that I thought worked for me. To my surprise, Rayne showed me how red wasn’t my color, my pleated pants needed to be burned, and my tassled shoes needed to be replaced. Rayne made me laugh through the whole process. I am not a fan of shopping either, but she made it fun! I couldn’t be happier with the results! I feel way more confident then ever AND I look good. Today when I go on dates, I don’t have to worry about my attire, I can just focus on getting to know the other person.

Nikki K.

Closet Audit & Personal Shopping

I can’t thank you enough! I came home and tried all my new clothes on. I love them! I have to admit I was feeling pretty bad after my separation. I didn’t feel good about my body or the way I looked. Thanks to your expert advice, I feel so much better about myself and my body. I feel like I’m taking steps to being the old fun, vibrant Nikki I once used to be. You’ve been an angel!

Amy T.

Closet Audit & Personal Shopping

I feel a lot of success comes from being professional, knowledgeable, and hardworking … and I think I had a lot of that going for me, but my wardrobe was seriously lacking! I saw women looking so put together with simple outfits as well as looking elegant at events I was attending.  I was so frustrated. Rayne gave me amazing ideas – taught me about colors, the right clothes for my body and simple outfits to toss on and go (looking good)!  Her ability to make my closet work for me and to guide me to some signature pieces to help complete my look were a Godsend! She is worth every penny and then some!

Hilary M.

Personal Shopping

Life after Rayne: I get lots of compliments on the stuff she picked out for me, but better than that, I feel like I understand clothing and color in an entirely new way. It makes sense to me why I never wanted to wear particular things, for example, they’re entirely wrong for my body type! Now I know exactly what I’m looking for and don’t waste time on dresses that aren’t right for me. That used to be such a buzz kill! Now I’m a happy, empowered shopper. I highly recommend working with Rayne for anyone who feels like their appearance and presentation affect their reputation, professional relationships, and their career. You know they do!!

Jenn L.

Personal Shopping

If you’re considering working with Rayne for any of your styling needs, stop considering and just do it!!  She’s really fantastic.  She makes you feel comfortable and understands your personal style.  Not to mention she’s just fun to be around!  I used her for work clothes as well as an outfit for a wedding and I loved everything she put together.  I never knew I could look so cute!  she also knows how to get you a lot for a certain budget.  Highly recommended!!

May H. & Katie C.

Personal Shopping

Rayne is full of energy and will tell you like it is.  She’s great at scheduling and shows up when she says she will!  She went shopping to Nordstrom with our male client that was a diamond in the rough.  We trust Rayne to help our guys dress better, be confident, and arm them with ideas to do it themselves.  Rayne’s style is tasteful and she has an eye for this kinda stuff.  Well done Rayne and keep up the great work girl!

Amby B.

Personal Shopping

Rayne always knocks it out of the park when she brings her clients to my office for V.I.P. treatment. Her clients always leave looking amazing. She not only has great style but a great attitude. That’s why I hired her for the Holidays!

Marla M.

I'm a matchmaker and sometimes need a stylist to give my clients a fresh new look. I love working with Rayne. She will drive to my clients home, go through their closet with them and assess what needs to go and what stays, then she takes them shopping for a personalized experience. My singles have a whole new confidence, feeling great in their new look. And her prices are very reasonable.

Karen B.

Closet Audits & Personal Shopping

Rayne Parvis is the wardrobe stylists for our “Meet the Perfect You” personal growth program. We have entrusted all of our southern California members to her talents. Our members respect and adore her. She tops her field in a very competitive and image conscious Los Angeles market. I would recommend her services to everyone!

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