Style Consultation

Let’s chat about where your style is at. After getting to know you and your style needs, I’ll come up with a style plan curated specifically for you. 

Closet Audit/Organization 

If you’re like most people, you open your closet, look at a bunch of clothes, and feel like you have nothing to wear. Don’t worry, I got you covered. I’ll leave you feeling enlightened, more knowledgeable of what works for you and doesn’t with an organized wardrobe of what only fits & flatters. Yay! No corner will be left unattended. Trust me, you’ll love this! Contact for pricing. 

Shop Your Closet/Outfit Styling 

Got a closet full of clothes but don’t know how to style them? I do! I’ll help you create outfits with any piece you’re having trouble with, a list of future items to purchase if needed to make even more outfit awesomeness and revamp new outfits you’ve never thought of. A digital lookbook with outfits created will be emailed to you with my notes for each outfit. Contact for pricing. 

Personal Shopping/Styling

Whether you’re shopping for a certain event, season or you’re ready for a complete style make-over, I know where to go and what to do according to your budget and personal style. Meet me at the department store or I can bring it to you! We’ll discuss this more when we chat. Contact for pricing.

Style Coaching (Skype & In Person)

If you need a unique, yet specific, formula to help take you from DRAB to FAB from the inside out, Style Coaching™ sessions are totally right for you! Take it from me…I’ve been there. Learn more. 

Included in Sessions:

Body Shape Analysis

You’ll be measured and given a do and don’t style guide for your shape. This will help us decide what works for you and what doesn’t…making future shopping even easier with or without me! (Can be included with any service.)

Color Analysis

Wow in your wow colors! Have you ever noticed certain hues either wash you out or make you look fab? Personal seasonal color analysis, or skin tone color matching, is the process of determining colors of clothing and makeup to harmonize and enhance your skin complexion, eye color, and hair color and is used to help with wardrobe planning. I’ll determine your season and you’ll receive a digital color palette. This session is life transforming. I traded in my black for vintage black and warm gray, reds to deep magentas and from pastels to jewel tones. Enhance yourself darlings! (Included with any personal session.) 

Ready to take the next step? Fill out your Style Profile and I’ll get back to you A.S.A.P! 
Style Profile
Got a direct question? Contact me directly. 

100% Style satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Love your body. Love your style. Love your life!

“Rayne says she has a 100% satisfaction rate and I see why. She knows her stuff and in the initial style consultation session she reviewed my color palette, did a complete closet and drawers audit, including shoes and jewelry and checked how some of my clothes fit. She’s very professional and teaches you as she goes. So you feel like you are in a personalized class just for you.” – Linda F., Closet Audit and Personal Shopping.