Rayne Parvis, Caroline Elliott and Yvonne Bohn on The Show & Tell Show.
Rayne Parvis, Caroline Elliott and Dr. Yvonne Bohn on The Show & Tell Show.

Youtube, TV, and other video websites have all become a major part of our entertainment. If you are interested in being on TV or creating video content for yourself, you will want to shoot video without your wardrobe getting all the attention. An outfit that looks amazing in person can look like a disaster on TV. For example, your favorite striped shirt can look like the stripes are moving in a wave like pattern. This can cause the viewer to be paying more attention to your shirt then to your interview. Making these 5 mistakes can turn a great appearance into an embarrassing one. Here are some pointers on what not to wear when filming for TV, Youtube, or personal video content.

    1. Wearing Red, White, and Black: Cameras don’t handle these colors well. Red can give off a bleeding effect, white can look too bright and look like its glowing, and black absorbs all the light and makes everything else looked washed out including your pretty face. You want to draw the viewers attention to your face, not your wardrobe. Opt for softer, less saturated colors such as magenta, emerald green, and royal blue. If you want more ideas of what to wear, watch a news show and study what the hosts and news anchors are wearing.

  1. Wearing Compact Patterns: Tiny polka dots, pin-stripes, or intricate patterns like houndstooth can create an optical illusion effect and can be very distracting for the viewer. To avoid your shirt “buzzing” or “waving” wear solids or bigger patterns.

  2. Jangly Jewelry: Not only is this a distraction for you, but the microphones will enhance any noise and amplify it, which will be heard while taping. Give all your accessories a “shake” test. If you hear anything, take it off.

  3. Eye Glasses: Make sure they are glare proof so the audience can see your eyes and not just the light reflection. A trick to reduce glare on glasses is to tip up the temples slightly. This tilts the lenses down and reduces the reflection into the camera.

  4. Silk: Perspiration caused by nervousness or heat from stage lights will be enhanced while wearing silk. Silk also reflects light which is a TV eye sore. Instead, use polyester blends, rayon blends, cashmere, and merino (light-weight wool). These materials will absorb light and hide wetness. Otherwise, wear a nice fitting blazer to keep you looking refined and sweat-free.

Check out my welcome video. Notice how my magenta shirt really pops! Even though, I’m wearing a leopard print skirt, the pattern size is fairly large. A small print leopard pattern would make the illusion of waves on a camera.

Now that you have some important tips for your on-camera wardrobe, don’t forget to focus on your words too. Try to give precise answers and no rambling. Go over what you are going to present. I hope you knock em’ dead looking polished and chic! For more style tips check out my book Ultimate Guide to Style: From Drab to Fab!


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