Do you have a shoot for your dating profile, headshots for acting, lifestyle, or professional business shot? Don’t let un-harmonizing colors or the wrong wardrobe send the wrong message. Don’t believe me? I can help! You can ask voted #1 headshot photographer, Vanie Poyey of Poyey Photos. She’s honored me to be her go-to stylist!

Three options:

1. Outfit Styling From Your Closet: Starting at $150: 2-3 looks, estimated 1.5-2 hours at your house using your own wardrobe. Then it would be $50 per each additional look. If needed we could do a shopping session after on a different day but I would leave a list of what items to get. 
2. Personal Shopping: Starting at $200: you meet at a specific department store to a dressing room filled with clothing based on the different look you are going for. Estimated 1.5-2 hours.
3. Personal Shopping and Outfit Styling at Your Home: Starting at $450: I shop for you before hand and bring pieces to your house to create outfits with your existing wardrobe.  

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