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3 Personal Gifts Ideas For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day madness is officially here! And yes, our moms want to celebrate. However, before you purchase that bouquet of carnations or generic Mother’s Day heart pendant, consider the essence of who your momma is.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy:

  1. Does she need anything? For example, my mom had a vintage flea market show for her Etsy Shop. She needed nice table cloths to make her spot look more like a cohesive store front. Table cloths, all though not enough as is, are on my list.
    Fashion designer, Klause Wille, Sharon Hagstrom(Rayne’s mom), and Rayne Parvis, personal stylist at Topanga Vintage Flea Market.


  2. What does she love? Our mom loves figs! We gave my mom this fig tree for Mother’s Day a few years ago. Look at it today. She planted it when it was only 2 feet now its flourishing and giving figs in abundance. Gifts that keep on giving are awesome! 


    Sharon Hagstrom's fig tree. Mother's Day gift a few years ago.
    Sharon Hagstrom’s fig tree. Mother’s Day gift a few years ago.

    3. What does she REALLY enjoy? Does she being outdoors, trying new food or a family day at wine tasting tickle her fancy? This year we’re going to Descanso Gardens …which she requested;). Google places near you that she would be interested in.


    Descanso Gardens in La Canada, Ca.
    Descanso Gardens in La Canada, Ca.

    One year we went on a nature hike where we gathered berries and other wheats along the way and made a salad at the end. Yep, you guessed it we all were still hungry. #lunchnext. HAHAHA! Definitely not my cup of tea…but what mom wants she gets on Mother’s Day! 

    Happy Mother’s Day from a few of my favorite moms to you!

    Sharon Hagstrom and her friends having a “moms weekend” filled with at home spa treatments in Lake Arrowhead, CA.

    For more gift ideas please click here.

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