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9 Unique New Year’s Resolutions to Rock Your World

It’s time to ring in 2016 in mind, body and style!


Feel Fab

What are our most common New Year’s goals? GO Banking Rates set out to find out what people were thinking about for New Year’s this year. A survey of over 5,000 people, over 45% said living life to its fullest was their top resolution.

Here’s how the survey results broke down:

Americans’ 2016 New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Enjoy life to the fullest (45.7%)
  • Live a healthier lifestyle (41.1%)
  • Lose weight (39.6%)
  • Spend more time with family and friends (33.2%)
  • Save more, spend less (30.1%)
  • Pay down debt (27.5%)

Studies have shown that only 8% of us actually reach our goals. How sad! When you start the New Year and try to make numerous life altering changes we may fail at one which then seems to create a domino effect…so keep it simple.

How do we “live life to the fullest”? I reached out to on of my gal pals, radio host and author August McLaughlin, to help introduce us to NEW RESOLUTIONS that will not only help us live happier lives but will help others as well. She asks, “What can we do to live better? Bolder? Happier? What are we willing to face, change, sacrifice or embrace? These questions paired with action can make the hum drum extraordinary, the pretty-darn-good freaking awesome and, if the masses partake, the whole world a better place.”

Frida, Rayne Parvis and August McLaughlin getting some girl time in.
Frida, Rayne Parvis and August McLaughlin getting some girl time in.

I’m not suggesting to toss the above usual resolutions…but religiously work on one or two and add some unique ones to help you be a BETTER YOU year round. In my opinion, we all could use a resolution makeover!

9 New Year’s Resolutions/Mind Changers to Add to Your Repertoire From Us to You:

1. Stop telling yourself you’re too ________ (old, fat, boring, ugly…). 

2. Do something that scares you every day, week or month. If you live a mundane life you will get mundane results. Live a little more! Petting the adult leopard(shown below) scared the sh*t out of me. I was so happy I did it!

Rayne and friends petting a leopard in Ensenada, Mexico.
Rayne and friends petting a leopard in Ensenada, Mexico.

3. Pursue your passions in life. Yes, you may be thinking …duh! Even if you have a 9-5 job, 3 kids and a family member to take care. Sketch out some time for you. Maybe hire a baby-sitter or help to give you more time to pursue a passion. If not now, then when?

4. Shake it Off.  Your friends, family and co-workers will most likely at one time offend you. I’ve had friends not talk to me for years because of a misunderstood text message or comment. It breaks my heart every time. Forget that one comment, email etc. and allow others to be human and not act how you prefer every second. I am finally at a time in my life, that I am no longer easily offended. Amen and thank you Joyce Meyer for helping me with this! If anyone feel like calling me a name, punching me in the face or taking something out on me…go for it and I’ll still love ya. Hahahah!

5. Take an inventory of your sex life. Gotta love August for this one! We can’t hope to improve that which we don’t acknowledge. Being married, sex can sometimes feel like a chore. Make an effort to enjoy sex with your spouse more often. Studies have shown sex helps you live a longer and healthier life. Bow chicka wow wow!

6. Tithe. In November 2014, I made an commitment to give a portion of my income to “helping the world” institutions like Treasures, Joyce Meyer Ministries, churches I frequent and animal shelters.  I can truthfully say that 2015 has been the most financial successful year for me….and I enjoyed giving. Even if you don’t go to church look for people or charities that need your help and watch the universe/God bless you. Giving is the best gift!

7. Wear Something that Brings You Joy Everyday. Choose colors, prints, shapes and/or your favorite ________ that makes you happy. For example, in addition to the above I also wear Christmas socks year round. When I slip into the red, green and white softness it brings a smile to my face.

8. Compliment; Don’t Fault Find. Give your friends and family the freedom to be themselves. Remember, no one is perfect! Focus on one’s positives not their negatives. We’ve all managed to focus on the good and forget  forgive the bad for life long GOOD TIMES(Christmas family photo below).

Rayne's family and life long friends taking a Christmas photo in 2015 on a Carnival Cruise.
Rayne’s family and life long friends taking a Christmas photo in 2015 on a Carnival Cruise.

9. Embrace your body as is. Yes, experts recommend exercising regularly but that doesn’t mean you have to wait till that “perfect” weight to feel fab NOW.

For more FEEL GOOD suggestions  join us in celebrating 100 episodes of August McLaughlin’s  ‪#‎GirlBonerRadio‬! I loved turning the tables and interviewing her about, EMBRACEABLE, all-things-GB, her modeling days and more. Plus, hearDr. Megan Fleming‘s tips for relationship goals in the new year and her favorite perks of the show. Fun, fun!

August and Rayne recording Girl Boner's 100th Episode at Global Voice Broadcasting.
August Mclaughlin and Rayne Parvis recording Girl Boner’s 100th Episode at Global Voice Broadcasting in Studio City, CA.

Listen on iTunes:…/celebrating-100-epi…/id814715884…

Listen on Stitcher:

If you’d like to read Embraceable, hop over to Amazon (CLICK HERE) to grab your Kindle copy. Totally worth reading!

Embraceable book cover red


Have a very happy and EMBRACEABLE New Year!



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3 Fashion Tips For Surviving Office Holiday Parties…in Comfort

Tis’ the season for fancy pants, sparkly dresses and sharing cocktails with co-workers. No one wants to arrive to a party underdressed, overdressed, can’t participate in dancing because you wore the wrong shoes and/or minutes after arriving you say “oh-sh*t I’m frickin’ freezing”..and end up leaving early. I know cause’ I’ve done all the above.

Joel Denver, Rayne Parvis and Matt Parvis at All Access holiday party at Sunset Room in Malibu, CA.
Joel Denver, Rayne Parvis and Matt Parvis at All Access holiday party at Sunset Room in Malibu, CA.

3 fashion tips for arriving to your parties in style and comfort:

1.Investigate the Venue: What kind of place is it? Is it black tie, at a house or casual restaurant? For example, my husband’s work party was at the Sunset Room in Malibu, CA. Since it’s by the beach and for a entertainment radio company the attire is less formal than a corporate party at The Waldorf in New York.

However, even though All Access work attire is casual, my husband ditched his jeans and put on well-fitting slacks. After all, the company was spending money and time to have us there. Dress like you appreciate the host. The president, Joel Denver, went for dark jeans and a dapper button-up…but hello he’s the boss! Guys, if you’re not the CEO, bump it up a notch. Ladies a comfortable dress is always fun. Refrain from showing too much leg or cleavage. A dress with ruching is always a nice option for covering up any belly bulge from accidentally over eating too. Yummy!

Office Holiday Party


 2. Elastic Pants: If you’re not a dress type of gal, indulge in sassy elastic pants. Not only will these keep you muffin top free but are super fashionable. Pair with comfy sweaters, a statement necklace and heels.  Not into heels? Go for sparkly flats…and hello comfortable ALL NIGHT LONG.

Elastic Fancy Pants


3. Bring Extra Shoes: Ladies, grab flats and keep them in your purse. You will want to change in them for dancing or just to walk to your car if you had to park far like we did. #novalet

Carla Shammas at WWRS, World Wide Radio Summit with an extra pair of comfortable shoes.
Carla Shammas at WWRS, World Wide Radio Summit with an extra pair of comfortable shoes.

BONUS TIP: Make an entrance with a fashionable coat. Ladies if you get cold, you can drape it over your legs at dinner.

PS. Refrain from drinking too much and taking shots. You have to see these people in a few days and don’t wan’t to divulge private information or make a scene. Drive sober ya’ all!

Happy Holidays!

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