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5 Ways to Dazzle This Holiday Season

For the stylish record, I choose to sparkle all year long. HAHAHA! Even if you’re not into the typical razzle and dazzle my guest blogger has awesome options for you. I reached out to Christina Proctor, Certified Style CoachTM and the owner of Wear Out There, a wardrobe styling company based in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada for her advice of what is gonna make us shine bright in the upcoming party season!

Here is what my fellow Style Coach™ sister suggests:

The countdown to Christmas and New Year’s is officially on. With a calendar that’s packed with a cornucopia of errands, shopping, parties, and other social situations, you may be feeling a little run down. I can certainly relate! With a variety of activities and events packed into such a short time period (…and often back-to-back), picking out a daily outfit takes some extra thought. With all of this extra preparation, you may be feeling a little less than dazzling. But the holidays are a magical time of year, don’t lose your luster!

5 Tips on How to Look Fabulously Festive this Holiday Season:

Add some sparkle with a shimmery top, skirt, or accessory.

Holiday Sparkle


Have you noticed your co-workers upping the glam in their daily outfits? I know I have! They, like you, need an outfit that can easily shift from day to evening. The holidays call for big, big shine, so have fun with your wardrobe. However, keep in mind the level of appropriateness for your office. It’s best to choose one sparkled piece, and neutralize the rest of the look with blacks, greys, or beige. This way your glitz becomes the focal piece.

A festive necklace always makes a statement.

Statement Necklace


Whether you wear them every day or only on special occasions, statement necklaces make an impression. Wear them with any garment, and with any neckline to truly shine.

Jewel it up.

Jewel Tones


Black may be your go-to uniform throughout the year, but the holidays call for a bit of color. Jewel tones add instant drama and strong visual appeal to your party looks. For the best results, mix your pop of color with neutral accessories.

Play with gold and silver…eye shadow that is.

Makeup Looks


Whether you glow in gold, or sparkle in silver, shimmery eye shadows are made for this time of year. Boost your makeup look with a swipe of shadow, a bit of bronzer, and a touch of gloss for a natural look. For a day to evening transformation, add a colored lip, extra eye liner, or a smoky shadow. With makeup, less is always more, so choose one feature to highlight.

A jacket may just be your best accessory.

Warm and Cozy


With the dual challenge of dressing fashionable and staying warm, it’s always best to choose comfort over style. Don’t fight the elements; just work your holiday wardrobe around it. When selecting a jacket, be sure to choose a style that’s dressy enough to go with your party attire, but also expresses your personality.

Do you have any tips on how to look and feel your best over the busy holiday season? We would love to hear from you!

Check out the latest video on I was featured on The Show and Tell Show with Caroline Elliott. Yay to sparkle…a lot or a little.

Guest Bio: As a Style Coach, Christina works one-on-one with clients, conducts group workshops, and hosts virtual consultations to help men and women of all ages develop a style they love. When she’s not styling clients, Christina enjoys walking her yellow lab, Quix, reading, traveling, and sampling craft beer. To learn more about Wear Out There, visit or connect with Christina socially on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Christina Proctor

Do you still want more fashion advice? Check out Ultimate Guide to Style: From Drab to Fab! on Amazon.

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4 Ways To Rock Your Favorite Bag In Style

Your bag, purse, hobo, tote and/or clutch, like your shoes, seals the stylish deal on an outfit. Do you ever wonder what bag to wear with what outfit? I reached out to fashion writer Jessica Brinley, for her expert opinion and here is what she wrote:

“It’s important to know how to balance your entire look. Yes, we know you have more important things to think about like getting the kids off to school rather than what bag goes with your outfit. However, I wanted to break it down for you ladies and give you some quick visuals to make it easier.

4 Ways to Rock Your Favorite Bag


1.A Louis Vuitton Bag with a Multi Colored Dress 

You can style your LV bag or patterned purse with your favorite multi-colored dress.  Don’t be afraid to mix two patterns together. 

2.Hermes and a Patterned Outfit or Dress 

A patterned dress is super easy, and pair it with your Hermessque bag for an instant chic look. You can choose a natural or black color. And, finally, complete the look with gorgeous bright colored pointed stilettos to add elegance to the look instantly.

3. Chanel Handbags and Black

Now that is something cool, isn’t it? Let you Chanel have the spot light. If you don’t look great in black, Rayne says, you can sport this handbag with all denim, navy or pop of color top with dark jeans and black heels. 

4. Patterned Tote with Casual Dress Up

When going out with your pals and you have to be ready in a jiffy, what can be better than this casual easy look? Simply grab your denim shirt and black pants while carrying your astounding patterned tote and spruce up the entire look in a few minutes.”- Jessica Brinley

Rayne Parvis in Westlake in vintage boots and her vintage Dooney and Burke cross-body.
Rayne Parvis in Westlake in vintage boots and her vintage Dooney and Burke cross-body.

If you put your hair up in a messy bun or a hat, add a comfy t-shirt and boyfriend jeans your bag can do the talking for you. And you don’t need a super pricey purse(like my Dooney and Burke in the picture which was a gift). As long as it’s high quality and no scuffs, cheap logos and/or over the top hardware you’ll be stylin’. All the bags in the photo pictured above can be interchangeable. Happy styling! 

For more style tips on bags, accessories and everything you need to look and feel amazing check out Ultimate Guide to Style: From Drab to Fab! on Amazon.

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5 Stylish Party Tricks Every Host Should Know

We got a big party weekend just around the corner! If you’re planning a get together or full event these stylish DIY tricks and tips that will add a chic and swanky element to your shindig. I call them tricks because it will look like you spent way more than you actually did! I had the honor of co-hosting The Show & Tell Show with producer and host, Caroline Elliott. Here are some clips from the show with celebrity party planner (Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, Sofia Vergara, Pierce Brosnan, Snoop Dogg) Marley Majcher. Marley aka The Party Goddess knocks her outdoor decor creations out of the park!PartyTrickswithMarleyandRayne

1. Ice it up!: You can make it creative, find out how much to buy per person and get in the know on emergency chilling tips.

2. Table Décor: Plexiglass is your tables partner. Marley did this with Katherine Heigl. It is an easy, inexpensive way to decorate in a table. Watch and learn brothers and sisters.

3. Frames aren’t just for photos: Yep, frames are your friends. Watch how Marley turns plain old frames into fab trays. PS. My favorite tip!

4. Party Style Tip: Cluster items together. Yes, you will look cute but what about your decorations? Check it out!

5. Light It Up with Lanterns: Want DIY lighting for a little pizzazz? Marley’s use of tassels and lanterns blew me away. She is so talented!

BONUS TIP: Wow Them with Window Panes:

Let us know how your party went! Did you do any of these tips? Did you “trick” your guests into thinking you hired a celebrity party planner? Tag us and follow on Instagram for more stylish tips and tricks: @rayneparvis @thepartygoddess.

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