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Merry Christmas and thank you to Kickstarter!

We did it! Rayne Hagstrom with the first copy of her book Ultimate Guide to Style.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that believed in Ultimate Guide to Style and took the time to participate in a dream of mine coming true. Thank you to Kickstarter, all of its creators and supporters who made financing a project so fun and heart felt. This is one Christmas Gift that keeps on giving. Thank you for helping me help others!

Here is my video promoting Ultimate Guide to Style: From Drab to Fab! I couldn’t of done it with you and your support. Your pre-bought copies should be on the way shortly.  This video was shot with the PROOF copy. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Thank you from the bottom of my Christmas shopping bags!

This book will be available by clicking here in a few days!



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Meet My December Darlings

Marvelous Marlene and Rayne at TJ MAXX just in time for looking fabulous at Christmas!

December Darling # 1: Meet Marlene! Marlene’s husband, Mike surprised her with my “The Works” package. Not only did she look like a shining star by the time I did my make-over magic on her, but her closet was spic and span too. We got her a complete winter wardrobe in her color palette at Macy’s and TJ MAXX, determined what styles looked amazing on her hour-glass body, a closet clean-out, and had so much fun. She was so sweet and loved learning about about fashion. What a great way to enter the New Year!

PS. I hope my future husband is as sweet as Marlene’s!

December Darling # 2: Meet Norma! Norma just wanted a quick fashion update for Christmas parties and the colder weather. We got a great winter wardrobe for under $500 at Nordstrom Rack and Marshall’s!

Norma and Rayne at Nordstrom Rack at Beverly Connection after a long day of discount shopping.

Why not give yourself or a loved one the gift of feeling FABULOUS? For more info on my personal shopping and make-over services please click here. Hope to see you soon!

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Fashion, Friends, and Fun

Carla, my dear friend who I have known since 13 is always such a giver! She saw this two-finger leopard ring at Forever 21 and snatched two of them: one for me and one for her. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful bestie. Love you Carla! Thank you for being you and accepting me the way I am…imperfect.

A gift from my bestie!
Lounging and lovin’ life!

PS. I love my new outfit! I usually don’t like wearing red. However, I saw these high-waisted red pants and cool lace half top at Love Culture last week. It was for a singels party I was hosting. So I figured red would give off a awesome “love” vibe and get everyone in the mood. It worked! Over 100 people showed up to our Vip Social Events singles party in Los Angeles .

Me hosting an awesome VIP SOCIAL EVENTS single party!

All photos by Kyle Shore in this post.

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