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Your Must Have Accessory

Rayne Parvis in bomber jacket and Jord watch. (Photo credit: Ryan P. Morgan).
Rayne Parvis in bomber jacket and Jord watch. (Photo credit: Ryan P. Morgan).

Do you get dressed and think to yourself “something is missing”? Do you have a cool statement piece like a fab watch? A statement watch can save you from digging through your purse or pocket to find your phone and elevate almost any outfit. From jeans to t-shirts to a well-fitted suit a trendy time teller will take your personal style to the next level.

Jord Watch

One patterned/two-toned and one simple choice is recommended. If your outfit is plain, grab the patterned watch. If your suit or outfit is already poppin’ with textures choose a simple silver, platinum or gold watch. The best tip I can give is to invest in a watch you love looking at! I recently got this(pictured above) Jord watch for my man. And since he refused to model, you get me. HAHA! Good ol’ Jord and I teamed up to do an awesome promo and giveaway of $25 & $100. You can hop on over and check them out for your discount! Click here. 

Rayne Parvis in Banana Republic suit, Harley Davidson Shirt, Anne Taylor necklace and Michael Kors watch. (Photo by: Ryan P. Morgan.)

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3 Tips to a Sultry Valentine’s Day for Haters

What to Wear For Valentine's Day to Feel Festive

Valentine’s Day can bring up lonely emotions, pressures of gifting the right present and anxiety. You don’t have to set yourself up for hating or avoiding this day. Here are quick tips to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit if you’re having a night in, a day with your girls or just want to start off this holiday celebrating love regardless of your relationship status. Enjoy!

1. Wear a sexy bra and panty under your clothes. Trust me you will feel amazing through out the day knowing you have a little sexy secret on. 

2. Spritz a new perfume and burn a candle that excites your senses while taking a bath. I recommend my friends over at Corpus Dei Perfumes and bath salts featured on Pumeli . Yummy!

Mullein & Sparrow bath salts featured on

3. Slip into cozy and soft flirty colored socks. And yes, your significant other will thank you if you buy them one too!  

I’ll be spending the evening at home with my husband participating in all the above. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

If you don’t know a bra that would make you feel sexy? Take the bra personality quiz from ThirdLove to find out. I’m the lace balconette! 


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3 Things You’re Missing Out On If You Don’t Have…

Boutique; TAGSYou’re missing out on simple & easy shopping if you don’t have a favorite local boutique. Have you ever walked into a mall or department store and felt overwhelmed? You look around and think, where do I start? What styles are for me? What designers fit my shape? Then, you buy a few or a lot odd ball items that sit in your closet…wasting space. Here are a few things you can do; hire me or a personal stylist in your area to teach you how to shop, grab a copy of Ultimate Guide to Style: From Drab to Fab! and/or find a boutique near you.
A boutique you ask? Yes! Here’s why:

1.Boutiques are tailored for specific ages, genders and styles.

For example, my favorite boutique for my personal taste, age and proximity is TAGS on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood, CA. Their age demographic is late 20’s to 40’s with a minimalist edge. They carry edgy yet feminine pieces with a unique and artistic vibe. When making the most out of my closet, I mix quality items with trendy or vintage pieces. Meaning, my slacks may cost $500.00 but my shirt will cost $3.00 from a thrift shop. Anytime my quality items need an update I can walk into TAGS and easily find pieces I instantly love. You can Google “boutiques near me” and see what comes up for you. If you’re a natural, classic, romantic, boho, eclectic, glamorous or trendy style most likely there will be one that caters to your specific vibe near you! NOTE: If you live in a small town, you may have to drive a little further or come visit us in LA!

TAGS stylist, Erica Ventura, & Rayne Parvis at the West Hollywood, CA. location. Photo by: Ryan P. Morgan.
TAGS stylist, Erica Ventura, styling Rayne Parvis at the West Hollywood, CA. location for a photo shoot. Photo by: Ryan P. Morgan.
2.You get a personal stylist for free.

The stylists at the boutique will give you personalized service like my TAGS stylist, Erica Ventura. She lets me know about upcoming events, sales and is familiar with what works for my body-shape and budget and pulls stuff before I get there. It’s like having my own personal fashin expert! And unlike, an image consultant/wardrobe stylist (like me) who charges for this, it’s a complimentary part of the “boutique experience”. So if you can’t afford a service like mine, I suggest developing a relationship with the style professional at a boutique near you. I recommend doing a little homework on yourself too. Know your complementary colors, cuts and body-shape so you can inform your boutique stylist what you prefer. All this can be determined in Ultimate Guide to Style!

TAGS stylist, Erica Ventura, and personal stylist, Rayne Parvis, at the West Hollywood, CA. location. Photo by: Ryan P. Morgan.
Personal Stylist, Rayne Parvis and TAGS stylist, Erica Ventura, at the West Hollywood, CA. TAGS location. Photo by: Ryan P. Morgan.
3.Shopping will be fun!

If you hate shopping finding your go-to boutique is a must. Spend less time wandering aimlessly around and more time socializing. The professionals at the boutique will most likely become your personal shopping superstar. When you walk in, like your go-to bar or coffee shop, they’ll know your name. This makes shopping an enlightening experience. I will drive out of my way to go to TAGS to buy a candle for a gift because they make me smile and supporting local business is important. Even though, I can shop for myself it’s always nice to have a experienced eye that has you covered…literally. 
Hope these tips help your shopping experience fabulous!
Special thanks to Erica Ventura at TAGS for her personal service and styling me for my website images update(coming soon). If you’re in LA reach out to her and get your fashion on. Tell her I sent ya!

TAGS girls(Sydney, Erica, Andra and Taylor) and Rayne hanging out after a styling session.
TAGS girls(Sydney, Erica, Andra and Taylor) and Rayne hanging out after a styling session. Photo by: Ryan P. Morgan.

Check out the latest video I was featured in with the stylists from TAGS on The Show and Tell Show with Caroline Elliott. 

TAGS: Address: 8570 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone: (310) 360-1660

You can find photographer Ryan P. Morgan and TAGS on Instagram

Love & Style,

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