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3 Ways to Shake Up Your Workouts Without Breaking the Bank

“They” say once you hit the age of 35 it’s all down hill from there. I’m writing this email with 7 extra pounds on a “beautiful me”. Thank you 35! If you have been allowing those extra pounds to creep up year after year it’s imperative for our health we lose the weight and or maintain a healthy one. Yes, our bodies are not meant to have the same exact shape as we did in our 20’s but we can maintain as we gracefully age to decrease our risk for diabetes, heart disease, and the emotional stress of gaining weight.  



According to ” No matter what your age, you’ll need to eat fewer calories than you burn to lose weight. However, since your metabolism generally slows down as you get older, your calorie needs change as you age, and the calorie intake that prompted weight loss accordingly might not work after age 35.”. 

Well for me this is the slowing of the metabolism is the culprit. I religiously continued to work out 5-6 days a week. My exercises included a walk with my husband, yoga video, weight lifting class at the gym or a 45 minute sitting on the recumbent bike. Needless to say, never really pushing myself and doing whatever I felt like doing. 

Whatever, current state you’re in, getting inspired to maintain or transform into a healthy body is key to making a change. If you have the leisure of having a personal trainer come to your home, a private chef to cook for you or a delivery service ship meals to you then good for you! If you’re on a budget I got you too! 

Here are 3 ways to shake up your workout without breaking the bank:

  1. Buy New Workout Clothes: Ross Dress For Less, Target and Nordstrom Rack have an assortment of stylish goodies for cheap. If you look cute, you’re going to want to work out more. Trust me! A ratty t-shirt and old sweatpants are not going to do the trick. If you need a list of what to buy, read Chapter 9 in my book Ultimate Guide to Style: From Drab to Fab!. 
  2. Read About Others Conquering Their Weight Loss Goals: When you are aware of other people’s stories, paths, and accomplishments you’re more likely to do it yourself. If they can do it so can you! Check out my dear friend’s, Jeanette Ortega’s new fitness book; The Little Black Book of Fitness. It’s filled with heart-filled stories of incredible fab and fitness journeys. I went to the book signing and was tearing up like a little baby! The author’s experiences are so inspiring. You will get ideas of new ways to improve you! 

    The author of Little Black Book of Fitness, Jeanette Ortega and stylist Rayne Parvis in Pasadena, CA.
  3. Join an Online Personal Fitness Program: I have been participating in monthly challenges for the last two months. You get to know a plethora of other ladies on this journey who hold you accountable. Saje’s fresh videos are posted 5 times a week. It’s like having a personal trainer in your home for less than a dollar a day. Did I mention how sweet and down-to-earth she is? Please check out for details. She says, “These workouts are for EVERYONE: ladies who have never exercised, ladies who don’t go to the gym, ladies who go to the gym but want an extra push- literally ALL women can benefit from these.” If you join, let me know I’ll be one of your accountability partners. PS. For the first time in my life, I have arm definition! 

Additionally, grab a walking buddy, join a hiking group, support group and download free healthy recipes from the internet to mix it up. If you implement these tips you will be happier and healthier. 

NOTE: I am not receiving any financial compensation from mentioning any company in this blog post. I have bought new gym clothes, my girl’s fitness book and am participating in the online fitness program. Before starting any program please consult your doctor first! 

Let me know what inspires you to bump-up your routine! My progress has been slow and steady. I’ve lost 3 pounds and am gaining muscle definition. Woo-hoo!!!  Understand, I don’t think I am “fat” nor do I obsess about weight or numbers. However, 7 pounds is 7 pounds and my pants and bras were getting really tight. I didn’t want 7 to turn into 107. As long as you’re healthy and happy then you are good!  

Rayne Parvis is Northridge, CA in Sunsets Separates swimsuit and fedora by Target.




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Is Renting My Wardrobe Worth It?

We’ve all been there. We spend a couple hundred dollars, or thousands, on a dress we love. We wear it to a wedding, get a bunch of pictures taken and then, it hangs in our closet. And every time we see it, we cringe because we know we should wear the piece more…but we don’t want to. Our inner soul wants something new and fresh…that hasn’t been posted on social media yet. Sad, but true.  We also all have had the experience of buying an item, wearing it 3 or 4 times and then, we’re over it. Isn’t it awesome being a women?!

Rent The Runway in the Topanga Mall in Woodland Hills, CA.

Rent The Runway and the like is the answer to your special occasions, work wear and everyday lifestyle finds. Wardrobe Rental places like Rent The Runway(men and women), Gwynnie Bee and Le Tote are increasingly getting more popular. What is it? They are companies that rent out clothes for special occasions and/or everyday lifestyle wear. It’s like the chic and cool sister to Men’s Wearhouse.

I recently had the privilege of styling my dear friend, Harmony Grillo, of the non-profit, for her annual Gala. Rent The Runway was the perfect place for her. She looked stunning in designer couture! Retail, her dress, jewelry would of been over $1000.00. The rental value was under $100.00. Yes, it’s true! The Halston dress she wore had a rental price of $30.00!  Thank you Rent The Runway!

Rayne and Harmony at RTR
Stylist Rayne Parvis and Harmony Dust-Grillo at Rent The Runway.

What a value! To answer my question, yes, it’s worth it to rent your wardrobe. Please check out Rent The Runway and online companies like Le Tote and Gwynnie Bee(plus size). All three companies offer everyday style finds for work, play and vacations. It’s finally possible to have a designer closet without the hefty price tag. If you’ve been renting from a service like this, please let us know your thoughts.

Harmony Grillo
Harmony Dust-Grillo in Halston dress, Christian Dior earrings and bracelet from Rent The Runway. Picture taken at Westin Pasedena for Treasures annual Gala. Style by Rayne Parvis.

Shout out to Katie at Rent The Runway in Woodland Hills, CA. for your excellence service!

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What Bikini to Wear For Your Body Shape

Rayne in Sunset Separates

It’s that time of year again friends! Bring on the BBQ’s, pool parties and vacations. If you’re extra curvy like Oprah, a top-heavy hourglass like me, pear shaped like J.Lo or have extra love around the middle swim separates are going to be your bestie this summer. If you’re looking for the right two-piece suit for your shape at ANY SIZE start here:

Proud Pear Shape: You are pear shaped if you have a bigger bottom than the top. You carry most of your weight in your booty, hips, and thighs. 

Go for suits that draw the eye upward with extra flair on the top(ruffles, prints, detailing, plunging necklines). If you are mixing and matching bikinis keep the bottom solid. I love string tied bikini bottoms because you can adjust the strings to fit you with getting bulges. However, if the ties are too big you can actually look bigger. Make sure to hike up the ties above your hips like Beyonce. 


Awesome Apple Shape: You are apple-shaped if you carry more weight in your arms, tummy and/or breasts and you may have broad shoulders. Your goal is to balance your shape by minimizing the look of your top half. Wear fuller, brighter or busier bottoms if mixing and matching bikinis that show your mid-section. If you want to cover up your tummy try a tankini with ruching(pictured below). Keep the tops supportive and suits with ruching are your friend! 

Photo Credit: Curve by Sunsets.
Photo Credit: Curve by Sunsets.

Hot Hourglass: You are an hourglass if you have the same hip and breast measurements with a waist measurement of more than 9 inches smaller. For example, my measurements are 39x28x39 and I’m an hourglass! Search for bra-sized tops and medium to full bottoms(like I did in the first photo). Avoid anything tiny that would set off the balance of your shape. 

Photo Credit: Sunsets Separates.
Photo Credit: Sunsets Separates.

Ravishing Rectangle Shape: You are rectangle shaped if you have little to no curves and measure about the same in hips, waist, and busts. You are lucky because you probably look great in most suits. If you want to give the look of more curves try tops with embellishments such as ruffles, fringe, and intricate details. If I were you, I’d try patterns over solids too! 

Photo Credit: Sunsets Inc. for Aerin Rose.
Photo Credit: Sunsets Inc. for Aerin Rose.

Extra Curvy and Cute: You’re extra curvy if you are over a size 16. For your beautiful voluptuous shape try minimizing tankinis and two piece swimwear with support! I highly recommend checking out Curve by Sunsets. They have amazing figure-flattering options


Remember to give yourself body love and acceptance every day. In addition, keep in mind you may be a cross between two body shapes. Look for your assets and let me know how your shopping goes. If you would like further fashion help for your swimwear you can grab your copy of Ultimate Guide to Style or hire me for a Skype or in-person styling session. For that special man in your life check out my article on Dollar Shave Club: HOW TO CHOOSE A BATHING SUIT THAT ACTUALLY LOOKS GOOD. Happy Summer! 

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