Eye-glasses are like handbags. They are timeless investments that can relay many different messages in just one sheer slip on. Before buying my Versace’s, I used to buy sunglasses at Ross and T.J. Maxx, spending anywhere from $20.00-$30.00 per pair. I would always break them, scratch the lenses, or lose them at the theater, in dressing rooms, client’s homes, and public restrooms. Finally, I decided it was time for me to graduate from “baby cheap sunglasses” to a “quality designer sunglasses” state of mind. This goes for prescription glasses as well.  Keep in mind the following guidelines when shopping for your perfectly shaped glasses:

  1. What is your face shape and size? An overall tip is to choose a pair that is the opposite shape of your face and proportionate to the size of your features. For example, if you have a square face with pronounced features, choose rounder, softer frames. If you have small features with a diamond shape, try delicate frames that are oval shaped.

Find Your Face Shape:

  •  Oval: Wider at cheekbones, softly curved jawline. You’re in luck since the majority of styles look good on oval faces. Geometric or rounded frames look best.
  •  Heart: Wide forehead, prominent cheekbones, pointed chin. Round, cat-eye, and aviator styles (frames that are heavier on the bottom and flat on top) can add width to the lower face.
  •  Diamond: Wider at the cheekbones and narrow equally at the jawline and forehead. Try oval frames for a balanced look.
  •  Rectangle: Longer in length than it is wide, usually square jawline.Emphasize the width of your face, rather than the length by choosing a taller, curved, or rounded style. Taller frames will shorten the length of your face. Avoid small round frames.
  • Square: Even in length and width, very square jawline and forehead. Rounded, cat-eyed, and oval shapes soften the shape of your face. Avoid square shaped frames.
  • Round: Soft jawline and chin, usually full cheeks and narrow forehead. Help sharpen your features with squared, rectangular, or thick frames.
Face Shapes
Sketches by: my mom, Sharon Hagstrom.


2.How Should They Fit?: No matter if you’re wearing sunglasses or eyeglasses, they should sit nicely on your face. There should be no movement, sloshing, or sliding down your nose when you smile or laugh and your peepers should be looking out of the middle of the lens. Places like LensCrafters, Sunglass Hut, and the like will fit them for you.

3.Where To Shop?: I chose Macy’s for my successful sunglasses shopping trip. I spent a half hour finding the perfect ones for me and I was ecstatic when I found them. I walked out of the mall feeling like a hot rock star! I’m not exaggerating.

Remember, it’s super important to have the quality glasses that complement your face rather than distract. Just because some celebrity is sporting some over the top glasses doesn’t mean they are right for you. Hope to see you soon in your new  “perfect for you” frames!

Rayne and Erik Hagstrom in Versace's
Notice how my brother, Erik, and I have big features so we choose glasses with bigger lenses. Our faces would look EXTRA big and ridiculous in small glasses. We have large oval-shaped faces so we choose rectangular geometric glasses that go against the length of our face.

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  1. Modern glasses are typically supported by pads on the bridge of the nose and by temple arms (sides) placed over the ears. CR-39 lenses are the most common plastic lenses due to their low weight, high scratch resistance, low dispersion, and low transparency to ultraviolet and infrared radiation.;.

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